Rockefeller Foundation Innovation Forum

Join us on July 27 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm EDT and again at 7:30 EDT for a live streaming event with featured guests Dr. Paul Farmer, Prof. Muhammad Yunus, and President Bill Clinton.

Follow live tweets from the Forum all day on July 27 and streaming video of the opening panel and awards ceremony.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Innovation Forum and Awards Ceremony is a gathering of creative and inventive minds from the worlds of business, government, non-profit, and journalism to bring innovation to bear on the urgent challenges facing poor and vulnerable people around the world. The event is a unique opportunity to examine challenges in new ways and recognize global visionaries who embody the spirit of innovation.

The Innovation Forum will focus on identifying the key challenges relating to food security, global access to water, and rapid urbanization through engaging and interactive discussions. Subsequent to the Forum, an evening awards ceremony will honor individuals and organizations whose innovative work exemplifies the mission and vision of the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Rockefeller Foundation funds a portfolio of interlinking initiatives to promote the well-being of humanity around the world.


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