Boston College Carroll School of Management – How Participation on Nonprofit Boards can Give Community Involvement Greater Impacts

Successful volunteer programs make a positive impact on both the community and the volunteers. But finding a way to make a significant impact can be a struggle.  As companies develop more skills-based volunteer programs, employee participation on nonprofit boards offers an effective way to make a difference in the community. From senior level executives to line managers, employees can better serve partners in the local community and develop professional and leadership competencies themselves by playing a role on nonprofit boards.

In this webinar you will learn:

Why your company should consider offering board placement initiatives

  • How companies have handled the logistics of placing employees on nonprofit boards
  • The best way to prepare your employees for the responsibilities of serving on a board
  • How to manage these initiatives without being overwhelmed

Upcoming webinars

Sept 7: Visionary CEO Perspectives on the CSR Journey for Small Companies

Oct 5: Reputation and CSR: What You Need to Know 

To see a full schedule and to register for these webinars visit our web site:


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