campaign to watch: digs for water. « charity: water blog

campaign to watch: digs for water. « charity: water blog.

A cluttered closet was a red flag for Natalia — she had too much stuff, knowing that others in the world live without the basics. But instead of dropping off her extra “digs” at a thrift store, she decided to turn them into clean water. We caught up with Natalia to find out more about her campaign:

What’s the story behind your idea? I’ve always had a sort of addiction to clothes. Shoe shopping cheers me up when I’m down and I almost always buy one, if not two pairs! When I find a pair of jeans I really like, I’ll buy the same pair in two different washes.

But as I was putting laundry away the other night, I was staring at my closet thinking what a luxury it is to have all of these great clothes (or “digs”, as the name of my campaign implies). I don’t NEED all of these clothes. I buy shoes when I’m sad, for crying out loud. Meanwhile, there are entire families crying because a child is sick and may even die from not having clean water.

I’ve started this campaign to do my part and help make this place we call home a better place for those who can’t help themselves. I’m going to raise $500 to build clean water projects…


from the field: We hit water in Moale! July 21st, 2011

You may have followed our Live Drill during last year’s September Campaign. On charity: water’s fourth anniversary, we tried to drill for clean water in a remote village called Moale, deep in the forest of Central African Republic.

We did not hit water.

But we did promise Moale we’d be back.

Yesterday, we drilled in Moale again… and this time… watch the video!

We promised we’d be back. from charity: water on Vimeo.


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