Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s – 2010 Annual Report

The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s (ARPA-E) Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report highlights the agency’s establishment and how it has focused precious resources to create programs that will advance the development of transformational technologies in energy.

Advanced Research Projects Agency

In its first two years of existence, ARPA-E has awarded amounts ranging from roughly $400,000 to $9 million each to 121 projects, with an average award value of $3 million. The agency supports projects for up to three years. The Annual Report details its portfolio of projects in the following areas:

  • Open Funding Opportunity Announcement and Other Projects
  • Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Technology (ADEPT)
  • Batteries for Electrical Energy Storage in Transportation (BEEST)
  • Building Energy Efficiency Through Innovative Thermodevices (BEETIT)
  • Electrofuels
  • Grid-Scale Rampable Intermittent Dispatchable Storage (GRIDS)
  • Innovative Materials and Processes for Carbon Capture Technologies (IMPACCT)

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